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Youtube Video Picks

A collection of various interesting train and railway videos from Youtube, including a news roundup, various TV programmes, amazing gradients and the world’s fastest trains.

UK video roundup 13th October 2014, with newly-delivered Class 66s:

Youtube videos of the Discovery Trainspotting programme from 2002, Episode One:

Subsequent episodes cab be found from the links on the right or using the Youtube search facility.

Two hours and 164 freight trains from Switzerland:

An amazing gradient depicting Indian Railways 21 coach Hubli Intercity bound to Dharwad:

Another Indian Railways train, the Jodhpur Express, with 22 coaches tackles another gradient:

The world’s fastest conventional train, a TGV running at 574.8 km/hr in 2007:

Ten of the world’s fastest trains:

The Shanghai Maglev train, the first commercially operated magnetic levitation train (MAGLEV):

Miscellaneous Videos

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