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Railway Oddities

The Oddity Central website collects oddities of the world. It contains quite a few railway oddities, from the literally high speed train cleaners to the cat working as a station master.

In the US, a property in Portland, Oregon has a railroad running throughout. The railroad estate includes a functioning railway workshop, a station housing a museum and model railways. Even better, it can be yours for just $3.5 million. Now where did I put that lottery ticket?

The Japanese Bullet Trains (Shinkansen) are famous as the trains operating the first high speed railway in the world. Less known are the speedy cleaners who have just seven minutes to clean the train. Youtube features videos of the high speed train cleaners in action.

A husband and wife in Germany decided to build a house using two old railway carriages. The pair of railway enthusiasts purchased the carriages in Switzerland and employed an architect to help them with their dream home.

You’d have to be a railway enthusiast to endure this train that runs extremely close to houses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Station master at Kishi station in Japan is Tama the cat. She has worked for the railway for the last seven years, has a station master’s hat and is paid in cat food. Tama is something of a celebrity as thousands of tourists visit her station ever year.

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