Clagging and Fire

Excessive exhaust smoke due to unburned carbon gives rise to the railway slang term clagging. Youtube has some spectacular examples, including those where flames are actually seen.

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REVISITED: The Train Crash at Crush

Trainbits is taking a break this November. Here is a post that originally appeared in 2013.

The Crash at Crush was a staged train crash in September 1896. William George Crush of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad organised the publicity stunt at the temporary city of Crush, Texas. Crush got the idea after witnessing a train crash and seeing how people reacted to the accident.

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Youtube Video Picks

A collection of various interesting train and railway videos from Youtube, including a news roundup, various TV programmes, amazing gradients and the world’s fastest trains.

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Locomotive Pool Codes

Locomotives on Britain’s railways are grouped into operational pools. These pools can trace their roots back to British Rail in the 1980s.

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