Maschen Yard

Europe’s largest marshalling yard is Maschen Yard, located south of Hamburg in Germany.

Maschen Rbf

Maschen Rbf

Yard Description

Maschen yard, on the Hanover to Hamburg line, covers 280 hectares and is 7km long and 700m wide. Designed to deal with 11,000 wagons per day, the peak number of daily wagons was 8,400 in 1985 and today it handles around 4,000 wagons per day. Maschen Yard is the second largest marshalling yard in the world, after Bailey Yard in the US.

Maschen Yard takes its name from the village of Maschen and south of Hamburg. The German name for the yard is Maschen Rangierbahnhof (Maschen Rbf). Maschen yard has recently been renovated and also contains a wagon repair works and a locomotive depot.

The yard can be viewed in Google Maps:

Youtube video entitled “Maschen Marshalling, Largest marshalling yard in Europe”:

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