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Locomotive Deliveries

We love multiple locos running together here at Trainbits. New locomotive deliveries often give rise to long loco formations. Here are a few such movements on Youtube from around the world.

In 2011 fourteen new DL class locos are delivered to KiwiRail hauled by two DL locos delivered earlier:

In contrast the final delivery of the last two DL class was slightly less dramatic:

A speeded up video showing the first loco delivery to the Wigwell Light Railway, now superseded by the SVLR:

Sadly, not all loco deliveriers got to plan, as viewed in this video of a brand new EMD GT46C-ACe being dropped on delivery:

70012, a BR Class 70, was also dropped whilst being unloaded at Newport docs. This video shows the aftermath:

The damaged loco was returned to the manufacturers via a low-loader journey and Liverpool docks:

All other Class 70 deliveries were more successful and two locomotives were seen undergoing delivery in the US:

Meanwhile some GBRf BR Class 66s being delivered:

More sadly this 39 loco monster from the US has 35 of the locos heading for scrap: