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February 28th and Railways

Posting has been light here at Trainbits this February (alright non-existent until now Ed). So to ensure there is a post this month today we are going to look at railway related anniversaries for February 28th.

Unfortunately there appear to be only two notable events on this date related to railways or trains and they both involve serious accidents.

Fourteen years ago ten people were killed and 82 more seriously injured in the Great Heck train crash. On February 28th 2001 a Land Rover and trailer crashed on to the East Coast Main Line. An InterCity 225 passenger train hit the Land Rover and ran into the path of a Freightliner goods train. The Land Rover driver, who had been using a mobile phone when his vehicle careered onto the railway, was later imprisoned.

The Moorgate Tube Disaster happened forty years ago today on the 28th February 1975. Casualties included forty-three fatalities and seventy-four injuries. The collision report indicated that there were no problems with the train. It came up with no definite conclusions as to why the driver stayed at the controls driving the train through the terminus at Moorgate and into the end of the tunnel. London Underground made changes to the way trains approach a terminus after the accident, to ensure that this type of crash did not happen again.