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Eight Loco Header

Youtube video of a long freight in the US headed by eight locomotives of Conrail heritage.

The locos in the video for the record are:

  • NS D8-40CW 8420
  • NS D8-40CW 8315
  • NS GP38-2 5329
  • NS GP38-2 5277 “CRQ”
  • CSX GP15-1 1554 “CRQ”
  • NS GP38-2 5312
  • NS SD45-2 1705
  • NS SD45-2 1703

The technical term for an eight loco header is octuple-header.

As I watched the video I thought that’s a long train and counted over 100 long freight wagons. It then it occurred to me that as it was from the US it probably wasn’t a long train after all. Checked the comments and sure enough JohnD says:

“I’ll bet only 2 locomotives were working as short as that train was. The other 6 were probably in-transit for re-assignment to other rails at the destination. “


Meanwhile UK railway enthusiasts have to settle for this:

Wikipedia has an article on the longest trains from around the world.