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The Train Crash at Crush

The Crash at Crush was a staged train crash in September 1896. William George Crush of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad organised the publicity stunt at the temporary city of Crush, Texas. Crush got the idea after witnessing a train crash and seeing how people reacted to the accident.

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Strange Locomotives

When looking at unusual, odd and downright ugly locomotives, the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is often used. You have to be careful here when describing a loco as ugly as everything is somebody’s child. The following locos are candidates for the oddest, most unusual and ugliest engines ever. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which.

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Railway Thefts

Unfortunately, railways have always been associated with crime even since their earliest days. Railway thefts have featured prominently among these wrongdoings. There have been two British great train robberies, trains have been stolen and once an entire station was stolen.

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